GIS for DIsaster Risk Management Course, Second Edition

GIS for DIsaster Risk Management Course is a initiative of University Jaume I (Spain) and Bahir Dar University (Ethiopia). Signatura 21 also participate in this cours contributing with our GIS experience and know how.


Target students:
This course is interesting for professionals that works in development cooperation projects, disaster risk management and sustainable development, that works with spatial information and needs GIS tools to mange this kind of information.

English knowledge (all the training, exercises and evaluation is done in English). Background or expertise in development for cooperation desired not mandatory.

The student will finish the course with a basic knowledge in GIS to be applied on Disaster Risk Management, Sustainable Development and cooperation development. The student will be capable of introducing new geospatial information in a GIS, process it, perform an analysis and finally create graphical output of the results.

October 15 to November 30, 2012.

Course place:
IIDL on-line platform.

Number of participants:
10-20 students.

Methodology and evaluation criteria:
Forum participation, mandatory lectures, exercises, practices and final project work.

Centre d’Estudis de Postgrau i Formació Continuada Certification (University Jaume I) a 40 hours course.
2 credits of free configuration credits recognition for first and second degrees studies from UJI

Course fee:
120 euros, código curso C13001

For registration and more information download the flyer

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